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Feb Sale
Feb Sale

February Sale: 2/23/15

Here at New York Sound & Motion, we’ve been busy in many aspects. From companies renting our studio, to shooting, to producing and editing, we’ve been far from bored.

This week, we’ve decided to give our local businesses a jumpstart into the spring business season: giving them a $1200 value, high quality, 30-second advertising spot. This is an in-studio shoot offer, complete with green screen and teleprompter.

In Western Massachusetts, we’ve been dealing with heaps of snow left and right. Shooting outside right now isn’t just not ideal production-wise, it’s going to be a physical reminder for the businesses just how rough this winter has been for as long as the commercial airs. Even for the Massachusetts snow-lovers, we can speak for most people when we say we’re ready to put it in the past and move on to springtime.

Which brings us to why using the green screen is ideal right now! We need to bring a little virtual vacation to Western Massachusetts. We’re looking forward to the businesses we’re about to bring in!

Check in with us soon for more behind-the-scene updates!

Feb Sale
Glide Cam

Winter Update: 2/16/15

Here in New England, we know a few things about the seasons. But if 2015 has taught us anything so far, it’s that the snow is anything but scarce.

Even with the recent frigid months, New York Sound & Motion has endured through the blizzards to bring the best work we can to Western Massachusetts.

Cervalis, Alden Credit Union, Atkins Farm, Gary Rome, Tommy Car, Marcotte Ford, Yankee Candle and even some new friends from LA, Stellarhead, are just a few names we’ve been working with over the course of the past month here in Springfield. Between in-studio shoots and on-location trips to local businesses, we’re taking on the New Year with high expectations for some of our highest-quality productions yet.

A few cups of coffee, several pairs of gloves, and countless happy clients later, NYSM is wishing Western Massachusetts warm thoughts as we steam forward into spring.

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